Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Melbourne Cup 2014: Flamboyant Style and Bold Designs

Melbourne Cup 2014
Christine Spielmann of Northern Territory (winner)

Melbourne Cup 2014
From left to right: Laura Moss (3rd), Christine Spielmann of Northern Territory (winner) and Milano Lmai (runner-up).

Melbourne Cup 2014 is all about flamboyant style and bold designs. The design have bright colors and bold prints, the hats are pretty whimsical. Myer Fashions on the Field features a racetrack runway, the women contestants boast their adventurous and audacious spring fashion trends.

Dainty feminine gowns and 1950s inspired full skirts were in demand, while bold geometric patterns and artistic prints were also popular with a lot of fashion fanatics.

A lot of contestants also used real flowers into their hats with oversize floral arrangements.

The Melbourne Cup 2014 Myer Fashions on the Field winner went to Christine Spielmann, the runner-up went to Milano Lmai and Laura Moss got third.

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